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New Age Outlaws Theme
~ Complete with the Road Dogg Call out! ~

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Welcome to the Dogg House!
~ Where we kick it daw-gie style! ~

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The D-O-double G
~what else is there to say? ~

Wav. File


Suck it!
~This time it's the D-o-gg ~

Wav. File


So if you two p*ssies want some more...
~The Dogg gets tough ~

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66kb's not your belt I want...
~Jesse addresses Val Venis about the Intercontinental Championship belt~

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...but by God we're gonna get jiggy...
~The night after Owen's tragic passing~

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...If I whip your ass, then me, and everybody in this building....wanna see her puppies....
~Road Dogg starts a classic saying....~

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More Road Dogg Sound Bites coming soon

This fantastic collage comes from the Dogg House - Thanks Kerri!!

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