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Hey guys - Now you can find official Road Dogg merchandise from WWF's ShopZone without even trying! Kickin it Dawgie Style is now part of ShopZone's affiliates program. Simply click on the following links to get a hold of your fav Road Dogg Tshirt, a DX Jersy - perhaps even a pressie for someone you love! It's quick, easy and secure - best of all, cause it's through WWF.com, you know it's reliable! Of course if it's an autograph you're after just scroll down the page!



Road Dogg at WWF Shopzone

D-Generation X at WWF Shopzone

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Aggression CD & Shirt



If it's not a TShirt you're after, rather an autographed pic of the Dogg, try visiting Herro Sports Page to get your own copy of one of these:

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