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Name:Brian James

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 236 pounds

From: Nashville, Tennessee

Favorite Quote: Let's all sing along....."Oh you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!"

Marital Status: OK I give in! - Married with Children

Interesting past career: Ex-Marine

Titles held: Three-time Tag Team Champion (with Bad Ass Billy Gunn), Hard-core Champion, Intercontinental Champion

Talent, skill, charisma, and attitude - the four essential ingredients for a successful wrestler. Road Dogg has all those qualities in abundance. A second generation wrestler (remember the "Armstrong Curse"?), the Road Dogg has worked long and hard to get where he is today. Jesse's ability in the ring is like nothing else in the industry...with his "shake, rattle and roll" moves, and an astonishing ability to take a good whoopin and still keep kickin' will see him continue to rise in wrestling today. Although James has been an incredible talent for years now, I think many fans have really only started to take notice of Road Dogg since his battle for the Hardcore strap took place. Matches against Mankind and Bossman to name but a few were nothing short of incredible.

The sordid past......

Born the youngest member of the Armstrong family, Brian Gerard James began his professional wrestling career in his home state of Georgia 1992 at Smoky Mountain Wrestling as "The Dark Secret". A former US Marine, Brian decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, "The Bullet" Bob Armstrong . His three elder brothers, Brad, Steve, and Scott were (and still are) also wrestlers. Brian took a major step in late '92 when he started employment with the World Wrestling Federation and was introduced as Double J Jeff Jarrett's "Roadie". The role the Roadie played was very similar to that of Kevin Nash's debut role in WWF Diesel. Bodyguard manager and friend. With James as his manager, Double J went on to become a three-time Intercontinental Champion. During 1995, both men decided to part ways with the WWF over disagreements over the way their characters were being handled.

So, the Roadie went to the United States Wrestling Association, and there he enjoyed title stints as Heavyweight, Tag-Team, and Television champion. A highlight of his time at USWA came on April 13, 1996, when he won a Battle Royal to become the USWA's first-ever Television Champion. The moment was short-lived, however, as he was only to be stripped of the belt a month later when he lost a "Loser-Leaves-USWA" match to Jeff Jarrett .

Brian returned to the WWF, and was given a new angle as The Real Double J (this had come about when it was revealed that Jeff Jarrett's song, With My Baby Tonight, was actually sung by none other than the Roadie).

Moving on to early 1997, James was offered the managerial services of the Honky Tonk Man (in the ring as an angle that is..). Brian "declined" the offer by smashing the Honky Tonk Man on the head with his own guitar. Billy Gunn was not so aggressive towards Honky Tonk, and Gunn accepted the same offer that had been extended to James. Gunn was re-named "Rockabilly" and began feuding with James. It lasted for a few months .

Brian wanted to get somewhere faster than at his current pace. So he approached Monty (a.k.a. Billy) to form a tag team. This was to change both men's lives.

Jesse changed his name to "Road Dogg", Billy became Bad @$$, and the New Age Outlaws were born.

NAO caused a lot of trouble early on in the tag team division. They were not above taking shortcuts to win, and soon acquired the straps. Of course, when the Outlaws joined DX, there was no stopping the Road Dogg! He found his niche, and has just risen from strength to strength since. Road Dogg's unique mic skills became an anthem for the Outlaws some even say for DX!

1999 - Billy and James, while a close tag team, also started branching out into their own singles matches. At the introduction of WWF's Hardcore Championship belt, Road Dogg found a place where he excelled other than as part of NAO. Road Dogg quickly went after and aquired the strap. Of course, thanks to the Corporation, the D-o-double-g got screwed out of his Hardcore Championship reign. (But the title is new I'm sure it wont be long before he gets another shot). After ending up IC champ (almost by mistake) things between Mr @$$ and Road Dogg started to go sour. The end of NAO had been played with before, but no-one really thought it would happen. However this time things were different. The end result was Billy betraying Road Dogg, and other remaining DX member Xpac.

Since the final split of NAO, Road Dogg has been consumed with dishing out punishment on the new attitude "@$$-Man" Billy Gunn. Things were going well, and the feud between the too men were to come to a Head at Over the Edge PPV in 1999. But tragedy struck when Owen Hart died at the event when he fell from the catwalk above the ring onto the turnbuckle below. All wrestlers that night managed to get through the evening even though their peer and friend had just died.

The next night at a two hour tribute to Owen, it became painfully clear that Brian was close to Owen, and was badly effected by his death.

But he has survived, and now Road Dogg is reaching new heights - becoming heel (bad guy) Road Dogg and Billy reformed The NAO once more. Shortly after Road Dogg got his revenge when HHH and the rest of DX brutally double-crossed Billy and left him out in the cold. Now the Dogg has teamed up with Xpac and the "new improved" DX, and has left behind his famous "Ladies and gentlemen" call - but has not forgotton the art of verse.....he often comes to the ring with a new rap. Road Dogg seems to be one of the wrestlers people love to hate right now...I'm sure that wont be for long! Personally, I hope Road Dogg soon goes solo again and goes once more for the hardcore strap...he deserves it!

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